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Westbank Libraries Mission Statement

Our mission is to inform, enlighten, entertain, enrich, empower, inspire, and engage the community.

Specifically, the Westbank Libraries will:

  • Provide every visitor with exemplary, friendly, professional service
  • Empower library users with access to a diverse, balanced, current, well-organized collection in a variety of formats, both physical and digital
  • Delight visitors of all ages with programming and activities that will enrich their lives
  • Promote community involvement and pride through partnership with our outstanding volunteers
  • Establish the library as the heart of our community by nurturing community conversations and connections
  • Provide access to innovative technology and knowledgeable assistance in its use
  • Create a welcoming and appealing environment with minimal rules
  • Empower users with around-the-clock access to electronic resources and services
  • Anticipate and respond to changing community needs
  • Engage area schools, community groups, and businesses in partnerships
  • Demonstrate exceptional stewardship of community funds and assets
  • Inspire staff and volunteers with a dynamic, rewarding, and cooperative atmosphere

District Information

The Westbank Community Library District was founded as a community library (1984) and is now a political subdivision of the State of Texas (since 1998). It is governed by five members of an elected, unpaid Board of Trustees, and it is funded by 0.5% sales tax collected within its boundaries (which roughly align with the Eanes Independent School District, around 31 square miles located just west of downtown Austin). Library districts in Texas differ from city libraries in that they are responsible for their own infrastructure, including buildings, grounds, and technology, so a certain percentage of income must be continually set aside for capital improvements. Westbank Libraries are not related to Austin Public Library.
Our district operates two libraries, the Westbank Community Library (originally built in 1989) and the Laura Bush Community Library (Laura's Library, built in 2009), each about 15,000 square feet. In addition, we have a book sale room, a community garden, the Madrone Canyon Trail, and an outdoor chess garden. We have also recently taken over administration of the Eanes History Center which is located on the campus of Eanes Elementary School.
Westbank Libraries serve a population of approximately 25,000 people. Despite the relatively small population, we see about 300,000 visitors a year, and our collection of about 100,000 items sees about 600,000 checkouts per year. In addition, we run about 100 programs per month. These are very busy libraries!
The District is fortunate to be staffed by an amazingly dedicated group of people, who are assisted by the generosity of about 300 volunteers every year, and supported by our hard-working Friends of the Library!
For more information, read our Strategic Plan and our most recent Annual Report. To learn more about library districts in Texas, explore our Texas Library Districts website.

Oral History

Our Oral History is recounted by our first library director, Beth Fox as well as trustees and volunteers from our early days.