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Entrepreneur Collaboration Round Tables @ Laura's

Weekly every Tuesday

Photo of a businessman typing on a computer.Laura's Library will be hosting a program for community entrepreneurs who are interested in collaborating with other entrepreneurs while at the same time learning more about resources available to them. All sessions will be moderated by Chris Lopez who is also an entrepreneur himself. He will be creating a round table like environment so other entrepreneurs can ask questions, answer other’s questions, and provide a networking space to build relationships. The design of the program is that each month will cover a different anchor topic. Then there will be classes throughout each month that expand on the main topic. Whether you are a new entrepreneur just starting out or a regular pro, this program is open to all levels of experience. We welcome you to join us for this fun networking series.

February Topics:  Entrepreneur Collaboration Series

Feb 4 - Starting a business can be difficult, especially if you plan to collect sales tax, but it doesn't have to be if you know the right places to go. In this session we will talk about how to start a business in Austin from scratch. We will talk about some of the places you should be familiar with in Austin, how to register a company name, how to obtain an employer tax ID number along with creating a name, logo design, managing finances, website creation, and more. You will be able to get feedback and answers to ideas and questions you have about a potential or current business you have.

Feb 11 – This class will expand on registering your business and getting an employer TAX ID number. We will walk you through the process of searching the Texas database system for business names to ensure the name you pick does not conflict with another. Then we will show you the different ways you can get a TAX ID number for your company. These two steps go hand in hand because you will need to do the first step first before the second one.

Feb 18 – Creating a name, logo, and website is important if you want people to recognize your brand. Whether you plan to hire someone or do it yourself, we will show you some creative ways to come up with them on your own. You do not have to be a graphics designer to create your own logo. We will cover some places that provide services to entrepreneurs who are looking for help in that area as well, including building a website.

Feb 25 – Maintaining your business is a full time job but with so many amazing resources available now it doesn't have to be. We will talk about how to manage your finances in an easier fashion, getting started with online ads, as well as whether or not you need to think about including a blog or YouTube channel for your business.

@ Laura's Library every Tuesday at 12:00 p.m.