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Mango Languages

Are you trying to learn a new language?  Wanting to just pick up a few useful phrases before your next trip?  Mango Languages is an online language learning system that can help you with whatever your goal may be.  Follow the instructions below to join the fun!

From any page on the library website, select the Catalog tab and log in to your library account.

Screen shot of the catalog with login section highlighted

Once you're logged in, you now have access to a variety of great resources, including Mango Languages.  Select the Mango Languages icon to be taken to the website.

Screen shot of electronic resources icons

If this is the first time you've visited Mango Languages, you will first need to sign up for an account.  Once you've entered in an email address and selected a password, you will need to verify via email before you can log in.  You may create multiple profiles if you have several members of your family.  Your profile will keep track of your progress.

Screen shot of Mango Languages sign up and log in page


Once you've signed up and logged in, you will be taken to your dashboard.  To start learning a language, select the Courses tab.

Screen shot of the Mango Languages dashboard


The courses area is broken up into two sections, one for foreign courses and the other for English courses (for those wishing to learn English as a second language).  Simply click on the language you would like to start learning to be taken to that language's course overview.  If you just want to learn the basics for travel survival, there is a Basic course you can take.  If you're interested in going further in depth with the language, select the Complete option.

Screen shot of the Japanese language course home


The course you select will open up a new window.  If you're not sure what your skill level may be or where to start, you can take a placement test.  At any time you can use the Course Library in the upper right hand corner to move between lessons.  If you're a beginner and just want to plunge in, you can select the Start Learning option and begin with the basics. 

Picture of the pop up Mango Language Japanese course


Wherever you stop for the day, Mango Languages will remember and you will have the option to continue where you left off directly from your dashboard the next time you log in.

Mango Languages has also recently added movies to their learning system.  At the moment, it is limited to only a few languages, but more are in the works.  You will find the movies in the individual language courses.  For example, the Japanese course currently has the movie "Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge."

Picture of Mango Language course overview for Japanese with movie highlighted


Clicking on a movie will open up a window with further information, including a synopsis, running time, and rating.  Because many of these films originate from a foreign county, some do not have a MPAA rating.  Instead, they may have a rating based off of Mango Languages's system. More information can be found if you click the Film Classification Guide link next to the rating.

Once you've selected a movie, you will first be given the option of how to view the movie.  Movie Mode will give you the movie without interruption with subtitles and limited interactive content.  Engage Mode will also play the movie, but it will additionally include grammar and culture lessons throughout.

Screen shot of the movie options in Mango Premiere.


Be sure to come back often and explore all the other electronic resources available at Your Westbank Libraries!