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Scott Thornton Commons Policy for Private Events

The Scott Thornton Commons Meeting Room at Laura's Library is primarily used for Library Programs and Events. The room is also available for private meetings and social events for a fee. The Commons is open to the public when not reserved.

Reserving a Meeting Room

To begin the Meeting Room Reservation process, please read the following Scott Thornton Commons Usage Policy and then fill out the request form.

Scott Thornton Commons Usage Policy

For all paying engagements:

  • All fees are due when the reservation process is complete. A reservation will not be held until full payment is received. No refunds will be made for any cancelation less than 7 days prior to scheduled event date.
  • A credit card number or check must be provided to secure the $250 deposit. Deposit refund will be reduced if damage to Library property is incurred. The party who reserved the room is responsible for the cost of any damages over deposit amount.
  • Room charges will accrue until all items from meeting are removed.
  • An additional hour will be billed if a meeting runs 15 minutes over allotted time.
  • A room can be rented for up to 3 consecutive days, schedule permitting. Only one day's security deposit is necessary for consecutive day rentals.
  • Set up and clean up time should be factored in to your reservation time. Folding tables and extra chairs must be returned to the storage closet or an appropriate deduction will be taken from the deposit.
  • After-hours events at the Library require a security guard. Normal rate is $160 for a four (4) hour minimum. All events longer than four (4) hours will be charged $40 per additional hour.
  • Any event serving food will be charged an additional $35.
  • The Room must be rented for a minimum of two (2) hours. Fee includes the use of The Garden at the Library. During normal library hours The Garden area is shared with regular library users.
  • The Commons may be rented up to six months in advance with the exception of weddings which can be reserved up to one year in advance.
  • All events must conclude by 12 midnight. The Commons must be clean and ready for business by the opening of the Library the following day.
  • Kitchen facilities are available to Individuals or Groups who rent The Commons. Food may be brought in, or a caterer can be used.
  • Alcohol can be served during your event -- red wine prohibited. However, if alcohol is served, a security guard must be hired even if the event is during library hours.Rental confirmation is subject to the availability of the guard.


Fees are based on the type of organization and the number of attendees. There is a 2 hour minimum.

Library Members and Non-Profits:

  • 1-50 attendees: $50 per hour. Maximum charge per day- $300
  • 51- 100 attendees: $100 per hour. Maximum charge per day- $600
  • 101-150 attendees: $200 per hour. Maximum charge per day- $1,200


  • 1-50 attendees: $75 per hour. Maximum charge per day- $450
  • 51-100 attendees: $150 per hour. Maximum charge per day- $900
  • 101-150 attendees: $300 per hour. Maximum charge per day- $1,800

Corporate Entities:

  • 1-50 attendees: $150 per hour. Maximum charge per day- $900
  • 51-100 attendees: $300 per hour. Maximum charge per day- $1,800
  • 101-150 attendees: $500 per hour. Maximum charge per day- $3,000

Important Considerations:

  • A deposit of $250 is required for Meetings and Social Events. Deposit will be forfeited if keys are not returned.
  • Rental of The Commons is restricted to Adult Events (Including family reunions, religious services and other social events); children's parties are not allowed.
  • Groups that pay the commercial or non-profit rental rate may charge admission fees or hold fund-raising events, subject to the approval of the Library Trustees.
  • Any advertising or printed material of events or programs sponsored by the renter must contain the following statement: This event is not affiliated with or sponsored by the Westbank Community Library District.
  • The library reserves the right to reschedule meetings in cases of library programs and emergencies and will notify the representative of any schedule changes with as much notice as possible. WCLD accepts no liability for the room if it is not available due to an emergency.
  • The Westbank Community Library District is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles, including, but not limited to any item rented to the user for said event.
  • Groups requesting exceptions to these rules and policies must do so in writing to the Library Trustees, with an explanation for the exception requested (See Exemption Application Form).
  • Any circumstances not covered in the above rules and policies will be resolved by discussion with the Branch Manager and/or Programs Librarian.
  • The Westbank Library may not be given out as or implied as the address for the group, nor can the Library telephone number be provided as a source to contact about the group or meeting.  Implied sponsorship by the Westbank Library District is not allowed.
  • A disclaimer must be provided on any publicity by non-Library groups stating the following: The Westbank Community Library District may not be contacted for information about this organization or this meeting.

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Easels and a podium are available for use.
  • Staff will not be available to help set up in any way. The group or individual renting the room is solely responsible for the event.
  • No furniture can be moved from another part of the library into the Meeting Room.
  • No decorations may be attached in any way to the walls or ceilings.
  • Smoking is not allowed on Library Property.
  • Amplified music is not permitted during library hours. After hour events must not exceed 80 decibels as stipulated by county code.
  • Based on room usage patterns, policies may be revised without notice.


The Laura Bush Community Library provides an HDTV with HDMI and VGA connections available via wall plate.  The library can provide an HDMI or VGA cable upon request, but the presenter is responsible for bring the following:
  1. Their own laptop, and
  2. Their laptop's appropriate connectors or adapters so that the laptop can connect to either a VGA or HDMI connection.
We recommend presenters arrive 15-30 minutes prior to their presentation to unpack, get connected, and test their presentation on the library's services.  This time also allows the presenter to connect to the library's free wifi, if needed, and ensure that their presentation is ready before the program begins.

For further information email Meeting Rooms Coordinator

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