Because learning happend 24/7Over the last decade, the shift to digital has accelerated. Digital reading and streaming are convenient, relatively inexpensive, and space-saving. We can connect with friends and family around-the-clock and around-the-world through a variety of online platforms. If we want instant facts, Google and Siri are at hand, ever patient and willing to predict our needs from a few keystrokes or words.

Folks who haven’t been in a library in a while may think that the digital revolution has spelled the end for us, but they would be wrong! Libraries have always been much more than books, and librarians have always been much more than researchers. We are transforming as quickly as our communities, responding to community needs as they evolve.

In the digital age, libraries provide shared online resources that are normally behind a paywall, we facilitate a wide variety of programs for learning and connection, and we offer comfortable spaces for people to meet, work, and study. Our computers and wifi are free to use, and our staff are here to help with technology questions, reading suggestions, and research of harder-to-find information. We videotape programs in case you can’t attend, we invite you to lead programs or start interest groups in our spaces, and we help you get materials that are not in our collection.

Beyond our immediate utility, libraries are an integral part of a community’s social infrastructure. In a fascinating look at civic life, Erik Klinenberg’s Palaces of the People explores how social institutions like libraries are safe spaces where people can gather, form bonds, learn, and share ideas. A networked community of libraries, schools, churches, local businesses, and other community organizations comes together to support each other and find solutions in times of disaster, tragedy, or need. The Pew Research Center has told us repeatedly that people value having libraries in their community even if they don’t use the library themselves. We’re here to help when the time comes that you need it.

Libraries are transforming because our communities are transforming. As your needs change, we keep up. Thank you for visiting!

P.S.  Kanopy film streaming now allows families to view unlimited children’s films within a 30-day period without utilizing one of your library credits.

P.P.S.   We have a new travel database coming soon! No more hauling travel guides with you when you head out on a trip. Join our travel group on the first Tuesday of the month to share travel tips and stories with other enthusiasts.