The Creative Arts Society is an Austin based, non-profit 501(c)(3) arts organization actively promoting the development of the “Artist in Everyone.” Established in 1999, the vision of this group is to inspire cultural enrichment, community participation, and respect for diversity. Three professional artist members are featured in this exhibit.

LA Hollins
LA Hollins creates visual art that is spontaneous, lushly textured, and instinctive. She explores life’s daily challenges, memories, and dreams through modern abstract expression. Her work often features the recurring themes of joy, hope, loss, humanity, wildlife, nature, and technology. She enjoys sharing art with others and working with families, the elderly, and populations with special needs. You can find her at

Beverly Dennis
Beverly uses art to reflect and understand. Color and form are the armatures that hold her images. Blue in the deepest purple, or red in the greenest leaf. Organic curve and geometric form suggest structure. There is an exploration of surface and under-painting. Always there is a reflection on place and impression. She received her MFA from the University of Mississippi. Her art expresses her impressions. You can find her at

Makenna Hatter
Makenna is a lifelong Austinite and artist. She passionately utilizes organizational line technique to depict interesting perspectives in her work. She leaves “cluster lines” in her drawings because they are evidence of her process. In addition to watercolors, Makenna works with multiple mediums including resin, oil paint, and ink. She is currently enrolled at Austin Community College with the intention of earning a BFA. You can find her at