Jeanne’s book stores is not currently open. We are not accepting book donations at this time.

Jeanne’s Book Store at Westbank Library

Finished reading that book and not planning to read it again? Share it with your community by dropping it off at the service desk at the Westbank Library. There’s a window in the lobby for your convenience. If you have a lot of books to carry in, let us know at the desk and we will bring a cart out to your car to help.

Where do your donations go?

  • If it’s a book we need for the collection, we will add it.
  • Most books in good condition that have general public appeal go to Jeanne’s Book Store upstairs, with proceeds supporting the library. This is a great way to share your home library with your neighbors who shop at the book store.
  • Books of a specialized nature may be sold through a third party re-seller, again to support the library.
  • We support many other organizations with excess donations, including Austin Children’s Center, Any Baby Can, multiple schools, Dell Children’s Medical Center,  Easter Seals, Inside Books, the Salvation Army, ARCH, several retirement communities, and libraries in need.
  • Books in poor condition are recycled whenever possible.

We only accept donations at the Westbank location. Please do not bring us magazines, encyclopedias, cassette tapes or videotapes, as we have difficulty finding homes for these.

Our Book Store is run by an amazingly efficient and knowledgeable group of volunteers!