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Westbank Community Garden

Some of the features of our garden include:

  • 14 8’x8′ organic plots, gardened by community members, and built by Eagle Scouts
  • a wrought-iron gazebo planted with clematis and coral vines, adorned with a wind chime bought with a donation from Girl Scout Troop 2367.
  • a communal herb garden, collectively maintained and harvested.
  • a gorgeous tool shed, thanks to Eagle Scout Harrison L.
  • a beautiful mural on the retention pond wall that can be viewed from many different places in the backyard was designed and painted by Girl Scout Sarah T.
  • A Meyer lemon tree and fig tree.

Here are some of our exciting plans for 2017:

  • Installation of a beehive! Our first honey harvest will likely be in the spring of 2019.
  • We hope to install a gate in the backyard fence that will connect the library to the garden for special events.
  • Installation of four smaller beds at various heights to accommodate gardeners with mobility challenges.
  • Installation of a rainwater-catchment system, taking advantage of our shed’s slanted roof
  • Installation of a small “live” tipi for kids in the library’s backyard
  • Pop-up farmer’s markets throughout the year, with proceeds to be donated to local non-profits

The following Eagle and Girl Scouts were instrumental in making this garden a reality:

  • Landon H. and Matthieu C. built the plots.
  • Sophia S. built a children’s garden tunnel for our youngest members.
  • Aidan R. corrected a few of our drainage issues to ensure that our garden functions properly.
  • Juan D. designed and built four wooden benches and installed two owl houses out at Laura’s Library in the Madrone Canyon.
  • Sam M. designed and built a garden sign, as well as planted roses and vines along the fence.

We are thankful to these young folks for choosing the garden as their service project!

There is no longer an annual fee to maintain a plot, but there is a $100 deposit required.

Garden Agreement

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To be added to our wait list, request a tour of the garden, or if you have any other questions, please send an email to the Community Garden Coordinator Alex Meyers at alex@westbanklibrary.com.