This past spring, we ran a survey and hosted five community conversations to learn more about what kind of community people want to live in. One of the ideas that kept cropping up in the responses was that of neighborhood.

People in our community are reporting feeling isolated from each other. In these busy times, we take fewer bike rides, we sit out on our porches less, and our kids play outside less. We know fewer of our neighbors than ever before. People are telling us they would like more opportunities to get together. They want to feel more connected, and not just to people at their own stage of life.

Neighborhood is about caring for others. It’s about collecting the mail for your elderly neighbor or taking their trash to the curb for them. It’s about welcoming newcomers when the moving van pulls up. It’s about buying lemonade from a budding entrepreneur or going to a school play, even though your kids have graduated. It’s about noticing when a normally tidy lawn is becoming unkempt because the owner is in crisis of some kind.

Neighborhood is about joining in. It’s about attending community events, going to HOA meetings, and helping with community projects. It’s about joining community-based groups, from book clubs to church groups to booster clubs. It’s about helping to organize block parties.

Neighborhood is also about safety. It’s about keeping an eye out when your neighbors are out of town and letting your neighbor know when their teen is hosting parties in their absence. It’s about sharing concerns with each other, like missing packages or door-to-door scammers. It’s about creating a connection to the most vulnerable among us, to maybe prevent the kind of tragedies we read about in the news all too often.

Our libraries are a community resource and great places for neighborhood building. We host about 100 events every month.

Tell us what kind of events you would particularly enjoy. Picnic on the lawn? Community-wide read? Community conversations? Music event? Gentle exercise? Interesting speaker? Safety education? Help-your-neighbor event? All ages activities? Age-specific activities? Big event? Small event?  Email us your ideas!

Artisans’ Market   Our fourth annual Artisans’ Market, hosted by the Friends of the Library, is Saturday, November 10, 10am-4pm at Laura’s Library. We have amazingly talented artists in our area. Come and enjoy the exhibit, visit with you neighbors, and maybe do a bit of holiday shopping at the same time!