Art of Energy Healing @ Laura’s


Psychiatrists, ministers, physicians, and lay people have all experienced the life-changing benefit of energy fields and healing. The question is: how did this occur? Is it a mystery, or magic, or neither? Is Energy Healing a natural form to health and well-being that has been lost throughout the ages?




In this talk, we will address:

  • Hands-on and hands-off techniques to access your energy fields
  • What language you are speaking to your cells
  • How consciousness affects your body functions

Jo Albertson is a certified Reiki practitioner, a former massage therapist, and a massage therapy instructor. She received her Bachelor’s in Physical Education/Health from Eastern Illinois University and her Master of Arts in Physical Education from Western Michigan.

Jo has been an energy healer for over 30 years, treating clients with PTSD, dissociative disorders, stress management, and many neurological disorders, including the effects they have on the body. She works with physicians, counselors, psychiatrists, and corporations, teaching cellular memory and the effects this can have on performance. She teaches in public settings as well as in her private sessions. Her office is in Si Shou Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic in Oak Hill, Texas.


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