Join us as we collaborate and explore the possibilities of Scratch and Scratch Jr. We will have a few computers and tablets available and some optional projects to learn Scratch coding basics. We encourage you to bring your own device to start creating with Scratch!


Scratch is a programming language and environment designed for ages 8 & up that allows you to learn programming basics, create games, animate a story, make music and share your creations. Scratch is free to use with a modern browser:


  • Chrome (63+)
  • Firefox (57+)
  • Safari (11+)


  • Mobile Chrome (63+)
  • Mobile Safari (11+)


Scratch Jr. is a programming app inspired by Scratch that is designed for children ages 5-7 that also enables them to create their own stories and games while learning basic programming concepts. The free Scratch Jr. App is available on:

  •  iPad 2 or later, including all iPad minis, with iOS 7.0 or later installed.
  • Android tablet, 7-inches or larger, that are running Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean MR1) or higher
  • Chromebooks via the chrome web store