This workshop will provide information about paying for your child’s college education with as little out-of-pocket as possible. We will discuss the overall costs of college, scholarship and student loan opportunities, 529 plans, and the financial aid process. Our goal is for guests to leave this workshop with a better understanding of the costs of a college education and the importance of developing a college funding plan.

Joy Nunn is the President and CEO of AMT Lifetime Financial, LLC and has been serving her clients for 10+ years in Arlington, Waco, and Austin. As a graduate of Southwest Texas State University, Joy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Joy’s background is in providing retirement planning strategies for clients who desire the freedom to choose the lifestyles they can comfortably afford to lead during their golden years. Based on clients’ actual financial situations, Joy analyzes current income and assets, projects future income streams and shows clients how to grow and protect their estates for themselves, spouses and loved ones.

Mackenzie Nunn is the daughter of Joy Nunn and the Vice President of College Funding at AMT Lifetime Financial, LLC. As a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Mackenzie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art. Mackenzie joined this industry to pursue her passion in educating the younger generations on how to pay off student debt as quickly as possible and how to be financially prepared for major life milestones. Joy and Mackenzie present their college funding workshops together as they can relate to the parents who are paying for their children’s college education as well as the students who will be paying off student debt.