In The Wizard of Oz, Glenda the Good Witch tells Dorothy, “You had the power all along my dear.” Like Dorothy, we can all tap into our inner powers with a bit of mindfulness.

Join Glenda as we explore the hidden powers of your breath, your inner calmness, and your inner kindness. Learn how mindfulness can bring joy, serenity, and peace to yourself and others.

We will also make our own “magic wand” to remind us of Glenda the Good Witch’s truth: that, like Dorothy, we’ve each had the power all along, if we look to the right place inside of us.

Elizabeth Hoisington is a meditation facilitator, dedicated to assisting people in the journey of mindfulness. She has practiced meditation for the past 17 years, facilitates a weekly mindfulness meditation at the Westbank Library, Mindful Eating Workshops at the YMCA, in addition to yearly Children’s Mindfulness Programs in the local Austin area. Some former clients include The Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Freescale, Central Health, and various health facilities.