The Discovery hands on program explores all sorts of different topics, including science, literature, technology, and more. Especially designed for elementary aged kids, come back each week and learn something new!

Recommended for ages 5 & up.

 A mountain lion has many names – panther, cougar, and puma. This big cat is beautiful, powerful, and an important predator, although very shy. Learn how high it can jump and listen to the whistles and chirps it makes. Then, using an actual cast of a mountain lion print, we will make a plaster-cast paw print for you to keep. Supplies guaranteed for 30 children.

Felter Barbara Attwell is an award-winning artist who started her career with a sculpture degree in foundry work. Nature is her inspiration, and wool has become her favorite sculpting material with its impressive amount of strength, flexibility, and longevity. For her, it conjures up a most rich primordial-soup kind of experience – one gets wet, gets soapy, and gets to indulge in a totally organic process. Her work can be seen at: