Discovery! Bilingual Boogie @ Laura’s

The Discovery program offers hands-on exploring for young learners in many different topics, including science, literature, technology, and more. Designed for elementary-aged kids curious about the world. Come each week and discover something new!

Recommended for ages 5 & up.

Listen to Sra. Elisa Garrett, creator of Bilingual Boogie, tell traditional Central American folktales about mischievous animals. Joining her will be her beloved friend Al the Alpaca from the distant Andes Mountains.

Sra. Garrett is a Texas certified bilingual educator. Bilingual Boogie offers preschool bilingual classes at nine different locations around Austin.






Westbank Library

1309 Westbank Dr Austin, TX 78746 · Map it!

Laura Bush Community Library

9411 Bee Cave Rd Austin, TX 78746 · Map it!