The Discovery program offers hands-on exploring for young learners in many different topics, including science, literature, technology, and more. Designed for elementary-aged kids curious about the world. Come each week and discover something new!

Recommended for ages 5 & up.

Wildflower Seed Bombs

Get good and dirty while mixing native wildflower seeds with compost, clay, and sand. Shape them into balls that once dried, can be tossed out to start a wildflower meadow, with flowers that are vital to the survival of our bird, bee, and butterfly neighbors. It’s the best in Guerilla Gardening!

Instructor Barbara Attwell is an award-winning professional artist and dedicated crafter. Nature is her inspiration and to that end she is also a Texas Master Naturalist and occasional environmental educator. She is passionate about instilling a love of art and of all things wild –  both of which are central to the human experience. Her work can be seen at