Family Night: Fox and Raccoon Masks @ Westbank


How well do you know your neighbors? If you live in Austin, you might have some furry ones – raccoons and foxes. They have adapted so well to city life, they are now more common in cities than in the country. Raccoons are closely related to the bear family, and are smart, funny, and incredibly talented at getting into things. Foxes have been part of our story telling for centuries, and are also bright and full of character. Make a mask of felt with us while learning more about these fabulous creatures.

Instructor Barbara Attwell is an award-winning professional artist and dedicated crafter. Nature is her inspiration and to that end she is also a Texas Master Naturalist and occasional environmental educator. She is passionate about instilling a love of art and of all things wild –  both which are central to the human experience. Her work can be seen at

Family Night is fun night at Westbank! Join us Tuesday evenings, when we have activities for the whole family to enjoy. Each week we have a different event:  board games, pajama storytime, or Laughter Yoga. Come for fun and enjoy spending time with each other!


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