Heartfulness Meditation can help you to live a heart-centered life, manage your emotions, and find inner peace and balance. When we become mindful of our feelings, we can let them inspire us. This practice awakens our potential for a simple, joyful existence.

Want to learn more? Check out the book The Heartfulness Way .


Instructor through Nov. 5:

Arely Sulvarán-Achenbach is a committed practitioner and a certified Heartfulness trainer. She is grateful for the opportunity to show people how to meditate through Heartfulness techniques and supports them in this infinitely beautiful journey of the heart to continue learning, deepening, and integrating their practice into their lives.  She conducts Heartfulness programs in English and Spanish.  She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and son.


Instructor from Nov. 12-Dec. 31:

Ragini Khanjee is a Heartfulness trainer and has been practicing Heartfulness for over 30 years now. She currently serves as the regional coordinator for all Heartfulness initiatives in the Texas region, and organizes the Heartfulness programs at universities, schools, corporations, community centers, and other venues. She loves meditating with people and helping them with their journey of the heart.