The adolescent years are challenging for the teenagers and everyone that loves them. Join us for some enlightenment on the teen brain, and learn a few tools to help you and your teen thrive and flourish through the adolescent years.


Angela Carey is a licensed professional counselor that has worked in public education for 16 years. She began her journey in education teaching vocational and career study classes in high school. The past 11 years she has worked as a middle school counselor and more recently as a drug prevention counselor in Leander ISD.  Angela has a wealth of knowledge and understands the many challenges and stresses students and families experience.  She is excited to offer helpful advice on many topics such as transition planning, study habits, social media, managing stress, effective discipline strategies, and developing healthy habits in order for your teen to feel confident and secure going into the next school year.

Sharon Hudson is a life coach, teacher, and founder of Dream Beautiful Personal Development for Kids. Her mission is to enlighten youth to the power of the mind. Hudson is a former middle school teacher who observed many students with anxiety, and depression. Her heart eventually led her to want to help kids gain the knowledge and skills to help them handle the ups and downs of life and to gain the confidence to achieve everything they dream of doing in life. She teaches many skills such as meditation, power shifting, positive self-talk, and emotional management. Hudson has a Bachelor in Psychology, a Master in Education, and is Wisdom Coach certified through Adventures in Wisdom.