How does a young person start a multimillion dollar company, a social movement, engage in doctoral level research, write award winning novels, become a world-class performer or athlete, or gain admission into Harvard or Stanford? We will lead young people and their families through the process of identifying how children can lead remarkable lives well before the age of 18. We will focus on autonomy in the learning process, constructing experiences around a young person’s needs, goals and interests, and the supports young people will need from their families and communities.

This session is most appropriate for public, private or home schooled young people ages 12 and up, and their guardians.

Watch past presentations from this series on our YouTube page.

Antonio F. Buehler began his career as an Airborne Ranger qualified Engineer Officer in the US Army where he served tours in Kosovo and Iraq. He also worked on Wall Street as an investment banker, ran his own private equity fund, and taught middle school and high school. Outside of work Buehler founded the Peaceful Streets Project, served on the board of a child bereavement non-profit, volunteered at an orphanage in Bulgaria, coached high school football in Germany, and has personally mentored and tutored dozens of children.

Buehler graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Systems Engineering, from Stanford University with an MBA, and from Harvard University with a Master of Education. He is the founder of Abrome.