July 12 and 19 we will have special presentations of Let Your Yoga Dance:

Join Lisa Sullivan for Let Your Yoga Dance®, a practice that explores playful, expressive movements that lift the spirit, raise self-awareness, and invoke joy. It takes yoga off the mat. It combines yoga, the breath, and user-friendly movement and dance with fabulous music from around the world. This practice is a journey into the energy centers of the body, the chakras, bringing tons of fun and healing to body, mind, spirit.

Let Your Yoga Dance® is about loving yourself, no matter what age you are, what shape you are, what aches you may have — everyone is a dancer, even if you have never been on a dance floor. Let Your Yoga Dance® is for every single body and wonderful for all ages.


Lisa Sullivan is not your typical “exercise” instructor. After working as a corporate marketing exec for 20+ years, she was recently certified as a Let Your Yoga Dance® instructor, choosing to follow what gives her joy and working on being her “true self.” She chose Let Your Yoga Dance® because she believes no matter what size person you are, you’re beautiful.