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Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park: The Historic Barn & Cabin
Since becoming a part of the park system in 1983, the Commons Ford Ranch has served as a unique recreational space for Austin citizens. Given its incredible natural scenery and historic structures, the park is an invaluable resource as a cultural landscape. This research focused on developing a condition assessment for the historic barn and cabin structures, framed in a written historical context for the former ranch and landscape. Given the park’s position along the river by the former Santa Monica Springs, its proximity to the Preece Ranch and the Chisholm Cattle Trail, its period as the Resaca Ranch, as well as its connection to the Eanes community, the cultural landscape we see today is a product of many historical layers that provide a fascinating entry point into Austin’s history of settlement. I will be presenting the overall history we have put together and my work specifically on the structures themselves – as this tract of land has proven to be relatively undocumented during the 20th century, we would be thrilled to learn anything the community might have to share!

Eliza Blackman is a Master’s student in Historic Preservation at the University of Texas at Austin. A Georgia-native, she received her bachelor’s in Art History and French from New York University and has worked in museums and arts organizations. Through UT’s School of Architecture she is currently working with the City of Austin and the National Park Service on several projects to document and protect historic park resources.

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