Click here to join Halloween Soup, a live virtual program happening at 4:30pm. Limited supplies will be available at each library for pick up between 12-3pm on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you’re having difficulties, please refer to Zoom’s support information. Westbank Library is unable to provide tech assistance during the program. Please contact if you would like to schedule tech help or if you would like additional information regarding this library program.

Halloween Soup

Make a bowl of the creepiest soup ever, and one you can stick your hands in. Ingredients are water marbles, food coloring, and plastic crawling creatures like spiders and scorpions. In real life these creatures are helpful neighbors, but on Halloween we love being scared by them!

If you can’t attend the program, you can find the instructions for your own Halloween Soup here!

Instructor Barbara Attwell is an award-winning professional artist and dedicated crafter. Nature is her inspiration and to that end she is also a Texas Master Naturalist and occasional environmental educator. She is passionate about instilling a love of art and of all things wild –  both of which are central to the human experience. Her work can be seen at