Click here to join Learning a New Language, a live virtual program happening Wednesday, May 6th at 3pm.

If you’re having difficulties, please refer to Zoom’s support information. Westbank Library is unable to provide tech assistance during the program. Please contact if you would like to schedule tech help or if you would like additional information regarding this library program.

Want to learn more French than “French fries”? Or learn how to tell your dog to “fetch” in three different languages? Join us for an introduction to new languages, along with tips and resources that can help you along your language learning journey. Whether you are preparing for a trip, want to refresh your language skills, or you’re just interested in learning something new, this program is for you.

American Sign Language Review

The best way to learn? Practice of course! This week, join Kara and Gloria along with other staff in a review of our introduction to American Sign Language. We’ll be reviewing the alphabet, numbers 1-20, along with other common signs. If you missed last week’s introduction, this easy review will cover everything you might have missed and a chance to learn some new signs.