September 17, 2020 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

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Westlake High School hosts a year-long speaker series for parents focused on popular topics such as study skills, managing stress and anxiety, and tools for healthy parent/child relationships. This series is presented at Westbank Library. All families are welcome.

Applying Growth Mindset to College Admissions: Helping Students Redefine Success in the Time of Covid (and Beyond)

Are our students prepared for our uncertain future in the time of Covid? Do they relish challenges or are they intimidated by difficulties and crushed by disappointments? Through the lens of fixed vs. growth mindsets (and research done at UT Austin and Stanford, including Texas Mindset Initiative)), we will explore how to help students redefine short term and long term success for an optimal college admissions experience and academic journey.

Parents will learn the do’s and don’ts of this approach, which strives to build resilience and well-being. We will discuss Fit over Rank as an approach to college admissions, and why it is a healthier and more practical approach that leads to the results parents are in fact looking for in our Covid-impacted and automation-driven job market.

Given that character is becoming increasingly important as a criterion for admissions to selective colleges, a growth mindset can help students combine achievement and talent to open doors to colleges where they will both thrive and shine.

A former Princeton University interviewer, Ted Talk Speaker, and mother of a thriving grad student, Anjali Maazel draws on her international background in teaching, writing, PR, and the arts to help students maximize their chances of admission and scholarships to college and graduate school through her test prep and college advising practice.

Her mission is to give students the skills to shape their talents and passions into a rewarding and successful life of purpose through her proprietary Talent Development Process™. As a result, she helps transform stress into excitement, and the college admissions experience becomes a journey of self-discovery.

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