Twice Exceptional, Many Times Failed

Schools are tasked with the nearly impossible mandate of transmitting a standardized curriculum to a wide variety of students. Schools often label students “gifted” or “learning disabled” if they cannot fit in academically with the majority of students who make up the middle of the proverbial bell curve. Twice Exceptional (2e) students are typically the worst served students because they are simultaneously considered gifted and learning disabled. Coupled with their small numbers, schools are ill-equipped to expend the required resources and make the necessary accommodations for 2e students to thrive in a standardized setting. Antonio Buehler will highlight actionable steps that parents can take to ensure that their 2e children are not being failed by school.

Antonio Buehler founded Abrome to fundamentally change the way the world views education. He wants society to reject the notion that education should be a standardized product in which children are expected to be passive recipients of instruction that is chosen and delivered by adults. Antonio wants learners to be able to direct their own education so they can live rich, fulfilling lives. He believes that by providing learners with the opportunity to take full ownership of their education, Abrome will help save millions of lives, and in the process change the world. Antonio earned a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy, an M.B.A. from Stanford University, and an Ed.M. from Harvard University.

Whether your child has been diagnosed with special needs or has particular challenges yet to be identified; whether they are spirited, struggle with reading or writing, or have sensory issues; whether they have learning, emotional, or behavioral differences, or fall into the quirky kid category, we’ll explore the means to help you help your child here in the Westlake area with monthly guest speakers and parent discussions. This series is targeted toward parents of children throughout Eanes ISD, whether in public, private, or home schooling, and is open to everyone.

Some past presentations are available on the Westbank Library YouTube Channel.

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