Executive Functioning: What It Is and How To Help

Executive functions are essential skills that enable self-regulation that is necessary to accomplish daily tasks.  These include planning, organizing, decision-making, transitioning, and emotional and behavioral control.  Unfortunately, these necessary functions are weak among a variety of children and adolescents, including those with AD/HD.  As a result, this population struggles with what seem like simple tasks and may get overwhelmed easily.  This presentation will provide information about executive functioning, identification of challenges, and how to best support and seek treatment.

Dr. Bryn Schiele Moore provides neuropsychological and psychological assessments to children, adolescents, and young adults. She strives to identify unique strengths and challenges, and to provide a better understanding of developmental differences or concerns, such as attention, anxiety, mood disorders, impulse control, processing speed, memory, learning, giftedness, and executive functions. In addition to assessment, Dr. Schiele Moore provides counseling services to children, adolescents, and families who present with various concerns. Her specialties include CBT, ACT, DBT and TFCBT for anxiety, OCD, disordered eating and other issues that present in childhood.

Whether your child has been diagnosed with special needs or has particular challenges yet to be identified; whether they are spirited, struggle with reading or writing, or have sensory issues; whether they have learning, emotional, or behavioral differences, or fall into the quirky kid category, we’ll explore the means to help you help your child here in the Westlake area with monthly guest speakers and parent discussions. This series is targeted toward parents of children throughout Eanes ISD, whether in public, private, or home schooling, and is open to everyone.

Some past presentations are available on the Westbank Library YouTube Channel.

Questions?  Please contact Denise Bluestein at dwbluestein@interaction.net or Barbara Paier at barbara@chervenka.com