The Vision and Learning Connection

How many times do we describe ourselves or our kids as “visual learners”? But did you know that 20/20 vision doesn’t guarantee an effective visual system? In fact, 25% of students have a visual deficiency that affects their ability to learn.

Today’s talk will explore vision therapy, a practice that focuses on the functional side of vision, such as visual processing, eye teaming, and eye tracking and focusing skills. With early intervention vision therapy, children can enjoy improved academic achievement and overall visual function.

Ashley Coley, COVT, is a Certified Optometric Vision Therapist and the director of vision therapy and outreach for the Optometry Center for Vision Therapy (OCTV), where she has been for the past ten years. Her background is in Intermediate Education.

Whether your child has been diagnosed with special needs or has particular challenges yet to be identified; whether they are spirited, struggle with reading or writing, or have sensory issues; whether they have learning, emotional, or behavioral differences, or fall into the quirky kid category, we’ll explore the means to help you help your child here in the Westlake area with monthly guest speakers and parent discussions. This series is targeted toward parents of children throughout Eanes ISD, whether in public, private, or home schooling, and is open to everyone.

Some past presentations are available on the Westbank Library YouTube Channel.

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