Cuernavaca Action Group and Indivisible Eanes/West Austin are coming together to host a nonpartisan forum for candidates in the March 3, 2020, primary election.  This event focuses on the Texas Congressional District 25 race and the Travis County Precinct 3 Commissioner’s race.
This is an opportunity to hear each candidate address the entire audience and then to ask questions in smaller group settings, giving candidates an opportunity to interact directly with potential voters. The event will be moderated. Organizers are expecting an interesting and engaging afternoon!


Texas 25th Congressional District Candidates:
Democratic Primary Candidates:
  • Julie Oliver
  • Heidi Sloan
Republican Primary Candidates:
  • Keith Neuendorff
County Commissioner, Precinct 3 Candidates:
  • Valinda Bolton
  • Shiloh Newman
  • Sheri Soltes
  • Ann Howard


  • Becky Bray