What does it take to create a remote-controlled robot that can walk, drive, and turn in any direction? Join us for a Robotics Demo by the American Robotics Academy, and your kids will have hands-on fun with remote controlled walking, rolling, and off-road robots. This demo is sure to excite, inspire, and motivate young minds as they learn the importance and impact of robotics technology in today’s world. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Dan Taglia, President and Founder of the American Robotics Academy, is serious about having fun. Since the program’s debut in 2001, Taglia has introduced more than 10,000 children to robotics engineering technology through the Academy’s after-school programs, Saturday workshops, and summer camps. Taglia received his certification in Robotics Teacher Training from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He also created and developed a “Robotics Teacher Training Workshop” for instructors looking to introduce robotics technology in their classroom. . Originally from Chicago, Taglia holds a bachelor’s degree in photography from Columbia College and a Master of Fine Arts from East Tennessee University.