Children and adults alike enjoy performances by award-winning professional storyteller and actress Bernadette Nason. Today at Laura’s, Ms. Nason will share two wonderful, interactive stories that demonstrate — through themes of kindness, courage, forgiveness, and love — how to celebrate our differences and acknowledge all we have in common.

In The Mexican Cats,” a healer brings 25 kittens to his village, but his neighbors, who’ve never seen a cat before, are suspicious and try to get rid of them. In “Old Dog and Coyote,” an elderly dog needs help when the farmer throws him off the chicken farm…Coyote to the rescue!

Bernadette Nason is a multiple award-winning storyteller, writer, and actress. She hails from England, lives in Austin, and performs all over the world. Nason has been a touring artist with the Texas Commission on the Arts since 2002, telling stories annually to over 30,000 students, Pre-K—high school. She has received the Austin Critics’ Table Award for “Conspicuous Versatility.”