What is your neighborhood’s Wildfire Emergency Evacuation Plan? Do you have your own individual Wildfire Action Plan for your home?

This one-hour interactive conversation with the Westlake Fire Department will provide useful information about how you and your neighborhood can become more fire wise and fire adapted. The Q & A session at the end will help you feel more prepared about what to do next.

This program will include information about the following:

  • A dramatic, visual simulation of a wildfire in progress, how it might travel under various conditions, and the topographic progression up the canyons to our homes
  • Neighborhood Wildfire Emergency Evacuation Plan development
  • Individual Property Owner Wildfire Action Plan development
  • Informational handouts including:
    • County Resources
    • Emergency / Fire Contact Lists
    • Fuel Reduction Recommendations
    • Homeowner Best Practices to Mitigate Wildfire Risk