It’s a thankful time of year. At the library, we are thankful for…

Readers!   We add thousands of new books every year, and this community checks out our books hundreds of thousands of times. Folks chat with us at the desk about what they like to read, they share their love of reading with each other in book clubs, they bring their kids to storytime, and they read the gamut of literature – from historical to contemporary, realistic to fantastic, scientific to spiritual, political to poetic, classic to beach read. Thank you for your love of books and for sharing that love with us and with each other.

Two new board members!   Congratulations to Nancy Jennings and Susan Smith who will join our Board of Trustees in December. They will join existing Trustees Lyle Thormann, David Oertel, and Todd Crickmer, as Leslie Davis and Fred Drewe step down. We are fortunate to have enthusiastic community members who are prepared to take on the responsibility of oversight for our finances and policies and to stand as advocates and ambassadors for the library.

Teens!  Every afternoon kids flood across from the high school to study, to meet for group projects, and to volunteer. They teach people how to use their digital devices, they shelve carts full of books, they assist with programs, and they run our YA Book Club. We so enjoy sharing our spaces with these spirited and generous people.

A sharing community!   This community shares with each other.  You all volunteer, not just at the library, but at all sorts of worthy organizations throughout the area. At the library, you volunteer for shifts, you belong to our Friends group, you share your talents, you present programs, and you donate tens of thousands of books, many of which we share with other libraries and schools in need.

It is such a pleasure to sit in the middle here, helping to connect people to books and to each other. Thank you for making the library a vibrant hub for community connection!