Last year, the Pew Research Center shared some disheartening statistics about reading in America. A quarter of adults, they tell us, did not read a single book the previous year, while the  typical American read about four books. The percentage of adults who read a book in any format over the course of a year has dropped from 79% in 2011 to just 72% in 2019.

We all know that reading a book is good for us. It makes us more empathetic, it increases our vocabulary, it teaches us new things, it builds memory capacity, it helps us relax, it helps us think more deeply about ideas, it increases concentration, and it improves our problem-solving skills. Yet when we have a bit of free time, we spend it surfing the Internet for short bits of reading, connecting with friends on social media, listening to short podcasts, or streaming videos.

One way to find time in your busy schedule for book reading is to listen to audio books. Reading books in audio format used to require swapping CDs in and out of a disk player, but no longer! We have tens of thousands of audiobooks available for you to listen to through your favorite device. In this busy day and age, you can listen during your commute to work, while you do chores, or while you exercise.

Most of our audiobooks are available through RBDigital, and we also have thousands in Overdrive and cloudLibrary. If you are new to digital downloads, we are delighted to help you get started! Just bring your device into the library and a staff member at the desk can help you. On Tuesday afternoons, from 5-7pm, we also have clever Tech Teens volunteers who can assist you. We also have instructions on our website.

Want to read faster? Our librarians suggest that you can play audiobooks at slightly higher speed to shorten your listening time.

Join us in a 2020 resolution to read more books than you did last year!