Each of us is on our own journey. We each started in a particular place with a particular family, we went to particular schools and had our own particular set of experiences. All of these particulars have colored our view of how the world works, our politics, our beliefs, our preferences, and our prejudices.

At Westbank Libraries, we are grateful to serve a community that respects differences. In somewhat divisive times like now, we realize here that the truths we hold dear to our hearts might be different had we started our journey in a different place or family or school. When we disagree with someone else, we realize here that had we lived life in their shoes, we might not disagree at all.

At the library, it is our goal to meet every person at whatever point in their journey they are at. We offer programs and resources for a wide range of viewpoints, and our librarians find whatever resources people need, whether from our collection or somewhere else. We provide a neutral space for conversations about all sorts of topics. We provide a sanctuary space where respect for others is the expectation.

Thank you for joining us at the library in 2017, for sharing your ideas, for telling us what is important to you, and for allowing us to do the work we love. May you have a peaceful and prosperous 2018!