Madrone Canyon Trail

The Madrone Canyon is a five-acre natural area between the Laura Bush Community Library and the TRI complex located west of downtown Austin, Texas. The land was generously donated in 2005 by TRI for a second branch location for Westbank Library. The Madrone Canyon is maintained by The Friends of the Westbank Libraries who are committed to supporting and preserving the canyon and trails.


The Madrone Canyon has benefited from several Eagle Scout Projects through the years including Robert R. who developed the original trailhead, Bobby D. constructed the first trail path, Drew P. and Alex T. who rerouted the trail after TRI expansion, Clayton J. built a footbridge and steps to easier navigate the descent of the trail, Drake B. expanded the wildflower garden and path leading to trailhead, and Maxson B. plotted and mapped the more than 50 Madrone trees in the canyon.

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