Every now and again when I am browsing the news, I will click on a link to an article only to get the message that I have reached my limit for free articles for the month. I can subscribe for full access. I debate it, but then I reason that I don’t want to subscribe just to read one article. Has this happened to you?

New York Times

This month we launch access to the New York Times. After you login to your library account on the catalog page, you can click on the New York Times link (just scroll down the resources list). You will be given a temporary access code and a button to connect (it remembers the access code – you don’t have to).

You can connect using your Facebook or Google account, or you can create an account just for NYT access. After that, for the next 72 hours, any time you try to access a NYT article it will open. And if you want to browse the whole paper, just go to nytimes.com to read it page by page. You can also choose prior dates to browse or search for topics.  After the 72 hours finishes, just hop back to our catalog page to retrieve a fresh access code.

Sadly, there is no crossword access. But we have the physical paper at the library, so drop in and say hello!

Austin American-Statesman

We also have access to our own Austin American-Statesman. Once you are logged in to your library account from the catalog page, you can select the newspaper from the resources list. The Austin American-Statesman can be browsed by date, or you can search for particular articles or topics. And yes, you can find the daily crossword, Sudoku, and Jumble.  If you are prompted for a user name and password, use westbank for each (no capitals).