Schools may be closed on October 8, but we’ll be open!

The day starts with Qi Gong at Laura’s (10 am) and infant storytime at Westbank (10:30).

From noon till 6:30 at Laura’s we’ll have extended Free Play. The room will be set up with a variety of games, toys, and materials so kids can play, explore, and create. Drop in for a bit or stay all day. Bring a picnic if you like. Bring a friend.

At 4:30, we expect a special mystery guest at Free Play, a secret we’re keeping safe (<– that’s the only hint I’m giving).

Teens, we need your help!  If you are at least 13, you can drop in during Free Play and get volunteer credit for helping us set up, clean up, and play. Inter-age play is really important for all of us, and our younger community members really like having older kids to look up to and learn from.  Check in with Roxanna at the front desk to log your start and finish times and to get some general instructions.  Free Play setup starts at about 11:30 and clean-up is done by about 7:00.  If you have a good time, you can come back to any Free Play for volunteer credit (it usually starts at 4:30).

Our monthly Writing Workshop starts at 5:00 at Westbank. Maureen is leading the group through an exploration of screen writing techniques. How many time have you watched a television show and thought, “I could write a better plot. I could write better dialogue.” Now’s your chance!

On you way out the door for home, don’t forget to pick up some reading and viewing materials. We add 700-1000 items a month to our collection – there’s always something new!!