How many books did you read last year? Actual books – not articles or social media, but full books made of paper, downloaded to a digital device, or experienced in audio format… Actual books with tens of thousands of words telling a complex story or exploring an idea in depth…

Reading whole books expands our ability to think deeply and critically; it helps us understand who we are and what we believe. Reading books allows us to participate in a shared experience with everyone else who reads the same book and to explore worlds that are beyond our own physical reality.

As the new year is upon us, what better time than now to commit to reading more? We’re here to help!

Book clubs   Read and discuss books with your neighbors at one of our book clubs.

  • The Daytime Book Club reads fiction and nonfiction from wide perspectives. They meet the first Sunday of the month at Laura’s at 4pm.
  • Mysteries and More meets the third Wednesday of the month at Westbank at 1pm. Pam Woods guides the discussion.
  • Smart Schooling, led by Antonio Buehler, reads and discusses books about education. They meet on the fourth Thursday of the month at Laura’s at 6pm.
  • Changing Our Perspectives Book Group is reading a Pema Chodron book, Start Where You Are, a chapter a week, every Friday at 11am at Westbank. Elizabeth Hoisington leads the discussion.
  • The YA Book Club is led by teens and meets once a month after school on a Thursday at 4:45 at Laura’s.
  • Shakespeare Out Loud reads plays the way they were meant to be read. Led by Landon Schultz, the group meets the second Sunday at 4 pm at Laura’s. They are currently reading Taming of the Shrew.
  • Book Talk meets the last Tuesday of the month at Westbank at 1pm to discuss literary fiction.

An up-to-date collection   We buy about 10,000 items per year!  You can request and reserve items through your account. We’re happy to show you how.

eBooks from Overdrive  We have a growing collection that you can download from the convenience of your home. Last year we left the central Texas consortium to create a standalone ebook collection to improve turnaround time on your reserves. We have about 6000 titles so far and expect to have twice that many at this time next year.

Readers’ advisory   Our staff and volunteers know books. Let us help you find that next great book!

Come browse and pick up a book or two for your holiday reading!