Child reading with adult on laptopIn recent years, the idea of safe spaces has taken on new meaning across school and college campuses navigating the debate around free speech, bullying, trigger warnings, and controversial ideas. In public libraries, we view the concept more expansively, as we have long sought to be places where people simply feel at home.

At our libraries…

  • everyone is welcome as long as they are respectful to others. Be who you are.
  • people work, study, and read peacefully for long periods of time. Sometimes they even nod off. No need to feel rushed.
  • the collection contains a wide range of materials to support your informational needs and literary interests. We can borrow materials for you from other libraries to allow you to explore almost any topic. If we are missing something, make a request!
  • no question is a stupid question; our librarians will help you find the answers you are looking for.
  • toddlers are allowed to be their playful, wiggly, and sometimes tantrum-y selves at storytime.
  • anyone can learn. We have books, programs, and online tools for folks to explore new skills and ideas at their own pace, without judgment or grades. Our staff and Tech Teen volunteers can even help you with your device questions.
  • students can meet safely with their tutors in shared spaces.
  • teens who are 13 and over can walk across from the high school to volunteer!
  • parents can step back and let their kids explore and play with other kids at open-ended programs like Free Play. The library is a great place for kids to practice asking for help on their own at the desk.
  • we understand that lost, damaged, or overdue materials can happen to anyone, and we are ready to work with you to resolve any issues that arise.

When you walk into our libraries, you should be able to take a deep, relaxing sigh, knowing that what’s ahead will be a pleasant interlude. When your day gets stressful, drop on by!