Slow living at the library


Reading in the backyardIn the pell-mell sprint toward the first day of school – collecting supplies, coordinating outfits, inoculating arms, cutting hair, organizing backpacks, stockpiling lunch snacks, updating calendars, reviewing schedules – it is easy to lose track of ourselves. We become “human doings,” consumed with to-dos and driven to keep up.

When you’ve had enough, the library is here to provide a counterbalance – a “slow living” space where you can spend unrushed time in purposeful pursuits: reading, writing, studying, playing, learning, visiting, or just sitting quietly with your thoughts.

The “slow” movement started back in the late 1980s as a protest against fast food and the idea that faster is somehow always better. The movement encourages doing things at whatever speed it takes to do them well – and that generally means slowing down.

Qi GongSlow living at the library means taking time to find the right answer instead of settling for an instant one. It means reading a whole book on a subject instead of skimming a few web articles. It means visiting with friends at an after-storytime backyard picnic, learning to knit with local crafters, or joining a book club to better understand what you have read. It means stopping to chat with staff members and volunteers, to get book recommendations and commiserate about local road construction.

Our libraries are a gift that this community has given to itself. Come, relax, and enjoy what is yours!

Programs for sharing, exploring and learning

Books for slowly pondering

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