Summer learning is different than school year learning, and it is no less important. Summer is when kids

  • create their own games
  • develop relationships with people of differing ages
  • pursue their own interests
  • read just for fun
  • enjoy time with their parents in a non-homework space
  • travel, seeing other places and meeting other people

Where computational skills and rote spelling skills may decline a bit in the summer (the infamous summer slide), studies show that math reasoning and reading comprehension actually go up through summer play and reading for fun.

The library is your summer learning partner. Sign up for Summer Discovery at the desk at either library to find

  • loads of discovery-based and special interest programs,
  • opportunities for cross-age free play,
  • friendly staff and volunteers who are great at helping you find your next favorite book, and
  • a free book of your choice to start the summer off.

Parents can sign up too! Get your own free book and set an example for your kids by tracking your own summer reading.

Want to be reminded of upcoming programs? Follow us on Facebook where we post many of our programs a few days ahead. On the Following tab, choose to See First In Your News Feed to make sure you don’t miss anything!

While you are visiting, be sure to check out this year’s quirky quilt – Hazel the Hedgehog – created by our own Thursday quilting group. It is being raffled by our Friends of the Library, a volunteer nonprofit group that helps support library programming.  The quilt is currently on display at Laura’s, but tickets can be purchased at either library.

See you at the library!!

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