We love the start of a new school year at the library. Our Westbank location, located across from the high school as it is, sees a stream of students flow from that campus to ours every afternoon at 4:15. What a great bunch! They are friendly, respectful, hard-working, imaginative, funny, and caring.

Kids study alone and in groups, they meet with tutors, they do group projects, they relax and read, and sometimes they head out into the backyard to play in the fresh air. Teens also volunteer! They help us at the information desk, they help us prep for programs, and they help our community use their tech devices.

While the start of school can bring happy doses of excitement, pride, curiosity, and hope for our teens, it can also bring stress. We hear from teens about their packed schedules, their college admissions stress, their social anxieties, and their lack of sleep. They worry about making the right decisions about their futures, they worry about disappointing the adults in their lives, they worry about peer acceptance, and they worry about not being perfect.

The library is here to help. We want teens to feel at home when they visit. Food and drink are allowed within good sense limits. We designate tutoring space upstairs. We have wifi inside and outside. Kids can print and scan and use our computers. Our staff can recommend reading and help them find resources. If kids need something, all they have to do is ask, and we will see what we can do!

Education-related programs:

  • Finding your Path to Learning  This speaker series is presented by Antonio Buehler of Abrome. Topics include school stress, school readiness, self-directed learning, educational alternatives, and college admissions. Check our calendar for the next program.
  • Westlake High School Speaker Series This series covers a variety of parenting topics, this year focusing on student emotional health. Held on alternating Thursdays at noon at Westbank.
  • Smart Schooling Book Club is a lively discussion of books on educational topics held the last Thursday of the month, 6pm, at Laura’s.
  • Free Play For families with kids younger than high school age, our popular Free Play will continue into the school year. Inter-age indoor and outdoor play without direct parental involvement encourages kids to take control, to develop relationship skills, to take risks within appropriate boundaries, and to explore their own interests. Parents are invited to sit and chat with each other, eat tacos, or read a book while their kids play (Mondays, 4:30ish-6ish at Laura’s).
  • Test prep and college pre Watch the calendar for these throughout the year.

Westbank Parking lot reminder   We ask families not to use our parking lot as an after school pickup zone unless your student is using the library. We simply do not have the space, and cars idling in the lane create a safety hazard. You are welcome to park along Pinnacle and on the grass along Westbank Drive anywhere there are no signs prohibiting it.