Photo of Beth Fox 1984

Beth Fox in our first library location in the Texas Commerce Bank

Westbank is having a birthday!  It was 35 years ago that Westbank Library opened its doors for the first time in the Texas Commerce Bank Building. The community donated books and money, an army of volunteers donated thousands of hours of time, and opening night saw 400 visitors!

Over the ensuing decades, and under the vision and leadership of Beth Fox, the library grew from its original borrowed location to its first 5000 square foot home, then its expanded 15,000 square foot home, and then to its second home at Laura’s Library. We went from donations and fundraisers to dedicated sales tax funding voted for by a supportive community.

Join us this Friday, March 1, between 1pm and 3pm, to celebrate! Enjoy a cupcake and share your favorite memories of the library as it has grown over the years.

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