On December 13, we held our end-of-year staff meeting, where library employees are invited to share what they are proud of from the year and what they are looking forward to in the coming year. Over and over, folks shared how much they love being in librarianship, focusing outward toward this community and beyond, helping people with their technology, trying new things in programming, growing our resources every year, and developing our spaces for different types of activity (meetings, study, play, events). They expressed gratitude to work in a progressive library in a forward-thinking community, with opportunities for professional growth and supportive team mates whose company they genuinely enjoy.

As a Director, I am incredibly proud of a staff that embraces change, that brings creative new ideas to fruition on a regular basis, and that helps people every day at the desk and at programs with grace, generosity, patience, and professionalism. In 2020, they will be teaching people how to use all the new digital resources we are adding, they will be growing play-inspired open-ended programming, they will be developing outside spaces for exploratory activity, and they will be looking for ways to simplify service. They love their work, and it shows.

If you have received particularly helpful service from one of our team, I would love to hear about it. Please drop me an email.

And next time you are in, if someone is really helpful, be sure to let them know. It is uplifting to know when our work is appreciated.

Happy Holidays from all of us!

P.S.  Please consider the library in your end-of-year giving. Donations help us to do a lot of the little extras that make our libraries so welcoming.

P.P.S.  Be sure to catch our next newsletter, when we will tell you about all the exciting new digital resources that we are launching in January!